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Some patients may need to address multiple problems that affect the appearance and function of their smiles. In these cases, a smile makeover can help

This involves Dr. Burton providing two or more interventions to improve the smile’s aesthetics and repair damage to teeth or replace missing teeth.
The results of a smile makeover can be transformative. A patient can go from avoiding smiling or hiding the smile with a hand to beaming with pride. If you are dissatisfied with different aspects of your smile’s appearance, visit our office for a consultation to learn what you can accomplish with a smile makeover.

About Smile Makeovers

CandidPro Aligners

CandidPro is unlike anything else in clear aligners. With industry-leading remote technology, we can ensure exceptional outcomes, drastically increase case starts, and more comprehensive care—safely, conveniently, and effectively.
We believe that our patients should feel supported and empowered before, during, and after treatment. So we’ll make sure you have all the information needed to navigate care—and we’ll always be here to answer questions.

SNAP Imaging

When you’re accustomed to looking at an unattractive smile in the mirror, it can be hard to envision the possible results of your smile makeover. SNAP imaging can help you visualize your new smile, which can help you stay patient throughout the treatment plan and keep your eyes on the prize.
This unique system offers before-and-after photos using specialized computer software. Dr. Burton will take high-resolution “before” photos and upload them into the system. Dr. Burton can then make the anticipated changes to the smile using the software and produce your expected “after” photos.

Crowns And Bridges

When teeth need to be repaired or replaced as part of the smile makeover, crowns or bridges may be included in the treatment plan.

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    Dental Crowns

    These tooth-shaped caps are useful for restoring the integrity and appearance of teeth that have been severely damaged by decay or injury.
    Dental crowns are made of porcelain and/or ceramic materials that replicate the appearance of tooth enamel, and the shade is customized so that the crown blends in with the neighboring natural teeth.
    Before placing a dental crown, Dr. Burton will remove all decayed material from the tooth and possibly some additional enamel in order to accommodate the crown. After the tooth is prepped, the crown is bonded to the tooth and becomes a part of the structure, allowing patients full use of the tooth again.

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    Dental Bridges

    These appliances are used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. A pontic (prosthetic crown) is secured in the empty space by two supporting crowns placed on adjacent teeth. Like dental crowns, dental bridges are created to match the patient’s unique smile characteristics.

Clear Braces

Patients with crooked teeth want to improve the appearance of their smiles, but they may be reluctant to hide those smiles behind metal brackets and wires. The Inman Aligner offers an alternative that’s less intrusive on the smile’s appearance while you are in treatment.

The Inman Aligner is a clear plastic retainer with spring-loaded aligner bars. The entire appliance applies constant pressure to the teeth to push slightly protruding or crowded teeth into the right spots. The treatment is completed far more quickly than standard orthodontics, anywhere from 4-16 weeks.

This approach is also more convenient for patients than conventional orthodontics, as the retainer can be removed at mealtime or for oral hygiene purposes or for special occasions.

Common Questions about Clear Aligners and Clear Braces (like Invisalign)

  • What is a Smile Makeover?

    A smile makeover is a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses multiple aesthetic defects in a patient’s smile. In planning for a smile makeover, Dr. Burton may recommend any of the following interventions as part of your customized treatment plan:
    ● Teeth whitening● Dental crowns● Dental bridges● Dental implants● Veneers● Dental bonding● Inlays and onlays● Clear braces
    Dr. Burton will need to take certain factors into consideration the timing of these interventions, especially when they are planned in combination. Some treatments may need to be started earlier due to their length, while others may need to occur in certain sequences(such as undergoing teeth whitening prior to getting veneers).

  • Who is a candidate for a Smile Makeover?

    Any patient who is dissatisfied with his or her smile’s appearance and wants to correct multiple aesthetic flaws can benefit from a smile makeover. If this describes you, we encourage you to visit our office for an evaluation and to take advantage of the SNAP imaging program to see what kind of results may be possible in your case.

  • What can a Smile Makeover fix?

    Dr. Burton can correct a number of flaws in your smile with a smile makeover, including:
    ● Damaged teeth (chipped, cracked, broken or decayed)● Undersized teeth● Misaligned teeth● Discolored teeth● Missing teeth
    Whatever your complaints about your smile are, it’s highly likely that Dr. Burton can improve on those features in your smile makeover.

  • How long will it take to achieve my Smile Makeover?

    The estimated time frame for your smile makeover will depend on the interventions included in your treatment plan. A smile makeover consisting of a few restorations and teeth whitening, for example, may be completed in as little as a few weeks. However, a treatment plan including clear braces or dental implants may take several months to finish.