Understanding & Preventing Gingivitis

Understanding & Preventing Gingivitis

Dental ImplantA good oral care program is designed to prevent the growth of bacteria inside of the mouth. When bacteria are not cleaned from the mouth, a sticky film, known as plaque, develops. This sticky plaque attaches to teeth and the gum line and will begin to cause complications when left untreated. One of the most serious diseases caused by non-removal of plaque is gingivitis.

Understanding Gingivitis

Gingivitis is an infection caused by harmful bacterial growth inside the mouth. The gum line becomes inflamed and infected. Gingivitis can spread to other soft mouth tissues and bones. The bacterial growth can cause teeth to become loosened and begin to pull away from the gum line eventually leading to tooth loss. Gingivitis can swell the gum line, which builds up with bacterial fluids that must be expelled with treatments, or it can lead to respiratory illnesses and disorders.

Preventing Gingivitis

Prevention of bacterial growth is the easiest way to prevent gingivitis. Preventative techniques include brushing teeth each day for 2 to 3 minutes to loosen food particles and remove bacterial film. A daily flossing procedure can remove lodged food particles between teeth and remove harmful plaque. A dental approved mouthwash can help to rinse away common germs and prevent the escalation of bacterial growth. These efforts will decrease the opportunities for bacteria to grow inside the mouth, but regular dental cleanings by a knowledgeable dentist are required. Dental professionals can design excellent oral health plans and treatments that will prevent gingivitis from damaging your mouth.