The Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner

Wish you had straighter teeth but don’t want the hassle or appearance of regular braces?

We are proud to offer a cost-effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that is taking the U.S. by storm – the Inman Aligner. Developed in Europe, this revolutionary removable orthodontic appliance transforms crowded teeth in just a matter of weeks! (The average treatment time is just 4-16 weeks).It is a clear plastic retainer with two spring loaded aligning bars that fit easily over the front four teeth – watch the video above to see how it works.

Unlike a regular brace, the Inman Aligner provides a constant gentle pressure on crowded or protruding anterior the teeth, easing them back into place far more quickly. Surprisingly, this pressure is the quickest way to move teeth but it also makes treatment very safe and kind to teeth. It is easy to use and can be inserted and removed at any time, allowing eating and brushing to continue as normal. Once teeth have moved to the desired position, a very discreet retainer holds them in place, so they remain in their new position.

Watch this video below for more info and schedule a free consultation today!

How does Inman Aligner work?