Patient Eye Safety in the Dentist Office

Patient Eye Safety in the Dentist Office

When you visit the dentist you have the expectation of leaving with your teeth in better shape than before the visit. What is not expected are problems outside of the patient’s mouth caused during your visit? Certainly, an eye injury or eye infection from a dental visit is well outside of most people’s imaginations.

Yet, eye injuries and infections are exactly what can happen if eyes are not protected during dental procedures. This danger exists both for patients and the professionals giving the care. Injury and infection in the eyes come from a variety of hazards in a dental office. Patients, doctors and hygienists can all be injured or receive infections in many ways.

Preserving your eye sight and the proper protection are of utmost necessity for patients and the dental team members.

That is why our office policy is that every patient and dental team members wear protective eye wear while in treatment. Patients lying down, face up are most exposed to an accidental injury to their eyes and the dental team treating the patient.

Often we are asked by our patients: “Do I really need to wear these glasses?”Are answer is always the same,” Yes you do, it’s for your protection”

And yet safety glasses are one type of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) that are often worn by the dental professional it is often neglected as protection for the patient. Injuries to the eyes are almost entirely preventable if the dental professional would insist in the use of protective eyewear for their patients.

One research study found that the only 18% of offices make an effort to provide eye wear for their patient. That in my opinion is an accident waiting to happen.

Does your dentist provide you with safety glasses?

Insist they give protection glasses, if they ask you why, tell them that you really value your eye sight and don’t want to be the victim of an accident!